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Before The YOU Brand Academy I was working within the healthcare field and I didn’t see myself building a long lasting career within that field. Due to some prior exposure, I’d built an interest in real estate and desired to transition into that industry. After many coaching calls, examining my resume, praying, and applying to various positions I was able to attain a position as a property administrator at a commercial real estate firm and I couldn’t be happier.

I believe the most helpful strategy when working with The YOU Brand was the coaching calls. It’s important for people eager to transition to a new job or amplify their professional portfolio to reflect and analyze their motives, strengths, and weaknesses, For me this was accomplished by speaking aloud about my goals and dreams. It was especially beneficial to perform mock interviews over the phone in order to better articulate my talents and how they would fit my desired job specifications.     

-Carlantha Robert

I was extremely satisfied with my career consultation with Crystal.  I found Crystal's advice to be genuine and thoughtful.  Due to my consultation with Crystal, I have begun to develop specific career goals and daily life affirmations.  I appreciated Crystal being a very positive spirit and having it radiate through our phone conversation. I also respected that she included religion and honestly told me about herself. I highly recommend The YOU Brand Academy! 


-Victoria Crichlow

Crystal enhanced my brand on paper by revamping my entire resume! As a result, I was able to submit it to a potential employer, received an interview and was offered a position with a great corporation!


- Porsha Sumner

The YouBrandAcademy did an amazing job with providing me with their logo consultation/development services. As a new business owner, it is important to have the perfect logo that not only catches the attention of potential clients but also follows the branding that I wanted my business to have. The YouBrandAcademy allowed me to share my vision with them and helped me develop the logo that matched the mission of my LLC. If you are in need of logo consultation/development services look no futher!--- TheYouBrandAcademy is the best branding one stop shop for business owners.


- Jasmine Smith

I was very satisfied with my career consultation with Crystal. Crystal is very personable so her help and advice came across truly genuine and she really cared about helping me. She was able to listen to all my random thoughts and ideas and organized them in a way that made sense. I also really appreciated her follow up email after the call which was extremely detailed and listed what we talked about, my goals broad and short term and how to go about achieving my goals.  Since my call with Crystal, I have implemented thinking more positively and having daily affirmations for myself. I have also set up weekly goals for myself and I try to apply to at least 2 jobs per week, more if possible. Without reservation, I recommend The YOU Brand Academy!


-Crystal Reed

I recently had my first professional headshot taken. It took place on campus, I signed up to have them done as I prepare to get myself out there for my career, in hopes to promote myself. I quickly reached out to Crystal who has the expertise on these sort of things. I have never done this so questions I had were clothes, makeup, hair, jewelry, smiling with teeth or without teeth. I wanted to make sure I was going to be well reflected and to have my vision shown through my pictures. I wanted to make sure that this head shot portrayed someone who looks like a boss, someone who shows promise, someone who shows opportunity, and to be represented as a hard working woman in the professional world. Crystal was able to guide me through my wardrobe on colors, textures, what style blouse and blazer. From picking out jewelry, on how I should style my hair, and even gave me makeup tips down to my lip color. Without her my visual representation would have not been complete without her help. 

- Alexis Henry

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