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The Financially LIT Virtual Summit

Day 2


Welcome, Thank you for signing up for the Financially LIT Virtual Summit.  Click the play button below for a welcome message from Crystal our Chief Career Transitionist.

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Marica Janaé Turner (@formhertheblueprint) is a kingdom entrepreneur, author, wealth builder, forex trader, kingdom woman and future kingdom wife.  Marica is the FoundHer of Form-Her BluePrint: The Single Woman’s BluePrint to Becoming a Kingdom Woman & Wife. This ministry, which is her God given purpose, was birthed to teach and help single women achieve wholeness, become kingdom women & wives and prepare them for their future kingdom husbands through individual and group coaching. 

Before starting her ministry and even to this day Marica was and is a serial entrepreneur a true Kingdom Boss. She has built successful businesses from the ground up with momentum within months of starting those businesses. She is the former owner of a successful hair company, that she put on hold when God called her to start her ministry. In addition to building her former hair company, she has built businesses such as a t-shirt line for women, a natural skin care line consisting of homemade body butters and body scrubs, business coaching and now life coaching to name a few.


She is no stranger to helping others. Through her Form-Her BluePrint ministry, not only does she help single women prepare to become wives, but through the aspect of achieving wholeness she offers coaching to help women turn their purpose into profit. By helping them start their own businesses, podcasts, and offers an opportunity to learn the power of forex trading to build wealth and legacy. 


Marica Janaé is also the host of the Bougie Boss Podcast a Christian Lifestyle Podcast, discussing relationships, business, etc., streaming on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Google Play. The author of the 90 Day BluePrint Prayer Journal for Future Wives & Wives available at Amazon &

Please visit Marica's website below.

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Nadia Cleveland is a Real Estate InvestHer & CFO of Build Your Dream Investments (BYD), Inc. She is also a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and has been an Auditor for 8+ years.

In conjunction with working full-time as an Auditor at a reputable company, Nadia has been a Real Estate Investor since 2018. Nadia and her husband, Joshua Cleveland, have worked together to build their empire with the goal of financial freedom and building generational wealth for their family. Over the past year, BYD Investments has completed 3 Fix and Flip real estate transactions, one of which was just listed on the market in April 2020. Nadia and her husband are now planning to begin and grow their rental property portfolio to generate continuous and indefinite passive income.


Nadia strives to see others, especially minority women, recognize the potential in themselves and to go after their passion. Whether it's real estate, or any other entrepreneurial pursuit, she wants others to be successful and break the cycle of unhappily staying in a job for 40+ years to retire and not have anything to show for it. She believes that life is too short to be complacent and to not be who you were intended to be. So, Build Your Dream, not someone else’s!


Additionally, Nadia is originally from New York, but resides in the DC Metro area. Nadia graduated from North Carolina A&T State University (Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting), and North Carolina State University (Master of Accounting; concentration in Information Technology). 

Please contact Nadia via Email at or on FB at

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