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The Financially LIT Virtual Summit

Day 3


Welcome, Thank you for signing up for the Financially LIT Virtual Summit.  Click the play button below for a welcome message from Crystal our Chief Career Transitionist.

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Jasmine Smith is the CEO and driving force behind Generational Wealth Builders, LLC. She is a Real Estate Agent licensed to do business in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. As a first time home owner at the age of 24, she understood how important it was to acquire a home to create Generational Wealth for her and her daughter. She enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge of home ownership and helping her clients navigate through the tedious stages of the buying and selling process. Jasmine started Generational Wealth Builders, LLC to spread her knowledge of Home Ownership to Empower others to achieve the same goal.

Contact Jasmine on IG @realtorjsmith

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Denae Jones (@transparentlydenae) is the FoundHer of Money Transparent, LLC which is her purpose driven business geared towards educating individuals on financial literacy. Specifically, Denae provides individuals with the proper tools needed to overcome financial fears, conquer debt and credit, plan for the future, and educate their children on the meaning and value of money.

Denae’s fascination with the DNA of money began in high school where she discovered she wanted to be an Accountant; therefore, she ended up majoring in Accounting at Bowie State University.  During her career journey as an Accountant and Auditor she was employed with the Federal Government and two highly reputable accounting firms. Realizing she was not truly fulfilled with her work at her employers, Denae took the leap of faith into full-time entrepreneurship to work on her God given assignment which is to assist God’s people with their finances.

Contact Denae on IG @transparentlydenae

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