I’m NOT your average career coach! When you hire me you get ALL of me, not only me in a professional aspect but me from a personal perspective. You will get a person who was gracefully broken in the beginning of her career...a person that knows what it’s like to go through a depression state due to someone or a company disqualifying them and saying no...a person who knows all too well how it feels to get rejection letters from employers! The best part is you will get a person who decided the world wasn’t going to take her joy...A person that has developed key strategies on how to explain the value they bring and ultimately ace the interview! A person that thinks outside of the box when it comes to job searching! A person who has a passion for fashion and knows that your brand appearance matters when looking for a career opportunity and maintaining executive presence in your career! A person who has a gift to uplift, a gift to write in a way that your brand will come across clear on your resume...a person that inspires and empowers you to do you unapologetically...a person that will be your prayer partner throughout your career journey

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Certified Personal Brand Specialist

Certified Personal Image Consultant

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner 


Based in Washington, D.C. Metro Area but serving clients EVERYWHERE!

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