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"Before you can enhance the brand of anybody else's company YOUR brand must be polished"      ~ Crystal Williams

Meet Crystal

The "YOU" Brand Strategist

                                        is a savvy entrepreneur that is always striving for greatness, not only for herself, but for others too! She founded The ‘YOU’ Brand Academy to exercise her God given gifts and help others build their confidence to make positive everlasting first impressions, to include but not limited to, when pursuing their career goals in today’s society, changing careers, and  from the military to corporate America and individuals re-entering the workforce.

Crystal Williams


The YOU Brand Packages

Crystal Clear CAREER Coaching

This package is ideal for individuals that are seeking to overcome career challenges or roadblocks and want better clarity on their career path. This package will ultimately enhance their confidence, maximize professional potential and allow the individual to emerge their YOU BRAND!

Corporate Image Makeover

The 'YOU' Brand Academy aims to give individuals that purchase this package that extra boost of confidence when working in the corporate environment, going up for promotion, when actively seeking a job or transitioning careers.  Looking the part to get the role or maintaining that position is key and you should always wear professional attire that properly accentuates your body.  Our goal is to educate you on how to do this and to ultimately enhance your personal brand appearance!!!

The O.M.G (Optimize My Gift) 

The 'YOU' Brand Academy aims to give individuals that purchase this package that OMG WOW Factor!!! Each person has a gift and we just want you to showcase it well to current and future employers by enhancing your brand message and appearance.  Our goal is to have employers say to you 'WOW, we're very impressed with YOUR brand!'


What is the Corporate Christian Crew (The Crew): A group of believers that seek to exemplify Jesus in words, actions, and work ethic in their daily working environment for a corporation or organization.

Joining the crew will allow you to be connected to other believers that also want to be held accountable for their actions and excel authentically in their work place.

The Corporate Christian Crew